Question: I Have Rosacea And Most Skincare Products And Cosmetics Make My Skin Burn And Itch. What Products Would You Recommend That Would Not Irritate My Skin?

I have Rosacea and most skincare products and cosmetics make my skin burn and itch. What products would you recommend that would not irritate my skin?


I understand exactly what you are saying. This is a common problem with our Rosacea patients as we have to be extremely careful what home care products we put them on. Thankfully, we live in a time where there have been remarkable improvements in skin care, and there are quite a few more options available to you now. Skin Medica makes a great product called “Redness Relief Calmplex”, which really gives fantastic results. Lamelle makes an oral supplement called Acnevelle which contains ingredients that will help you to calm down the redness of your skin. We also have access to a product from mesoestetics called “Couperend” cream, which is quite popular amongst the Rosacea patients. Of course you also need to be cautious in choosing an appropriate sunblock that does not worsen or irritate the skin any further, and for this we recommend the Heliocare range.

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