Question: I Have Tanned Skin And Keep Hearing About How Amazing Highlighters Can Be, But Is It Right For My Skin Tone? Do I Need It And How Do I Find The Right One? I Find The Subject So Confusing And Can’t Figure Out If I’m Missing Out On Something Great Or Not.

I have tanned skin and keep hearing about how amazing highlighters can be, but is it right for my skin tone? Do I need it and how do I find the right one? I find the subject so confusing and can't figure out if I'm missing out on something great or not.


Hi Faeema

Highlighters are used to enhance certain features on your face. I personally cannnot live without my higlighter. I use it on my whole eye area before I do my shading, it just lightens up the eye area. when searching for a highlighter just choose a tanny light colour. When you buy a palette of three or four colours it normally indicates on the package which one the highlighter is and you will also notice that it is the lightest shade of the bunch.

Have fun

Stay Beautiful…Indulge Yourself

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