Question: I Have These Very Dark Circles Around My Eye Are, It Looks Like I Am Wearing Specs. I Do Suffer From Sinus? Please Let Me Know What Is The Best Treatment For This. Thanks

I have these very dark circles around my eye are, it looks like I am wearing specs. I do suffer from sinus? Please let me know what is the best treatment for this. Thanks


Thank you so much for your question. Dark eye circles are actually quite a common problem. The key to treating them is to diagnose the cause of the problem. Your issue, as you’ve said, could quite easily be related to sinusitis, which causes the drainage from your eye area to be very poor, causing the dark circles. If this is the case, we could do some Carboxytherapy treatments, and make sure you are on home care products that will increase the drainage around your eye area. There are, however other options, such as Dermal Fillers, possibly even some laser treatment. It really does depend on what you are specifically indicated for. We really need to take a closer look at you to make sure exactly what is causing your dark circles and then make sure we give you the correct treatment prescription, so as to get your problem sorted out in the best way possible. Are you able to get to one of our Skin Renewal Branches so that we can get you the best possible treatment?

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