Question: I Have Thinning Hair And I’ve Tried Almost Everything. Which Product Can You Recommend To Get Thicker Fuller Hair? Plus I Have A Dandruff Problem Which Can Only Be Fixed Of I Braid My Hair And Wash My Braids Every Week. Please Help.

I have thinning hair and I've tried almost everything. Which product can you recommend to get thicker fuller hair? Plus I have a dandruff problem which can only be fixed of I braid my hair and wash my braids every week. Please help.


Hello Mpumi,

As you have tried everything, I am reluctant to recommend anything other than a visit to a Dermatologist (skin specialist) for a scalp analysis. Thin hair is different to thinning hair as thinning is the loss of more than 50 hairs per day and over time, there is less hair on the head. There are many causes and I feel that professional advice is best here after an examination.

Warm regards

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