Question: I Have Two Skin Concerns. Blackheads And Pigmentation. What Can I Do / Use To Get Rid Of Both And Then To Keep Them Away?? Please Help!!

I have two skin concerns. Blackheads and pigmentation. What can I do / use to get rid of both and then to keep them away?? Please help!!


Oh yes! Two of our most common pet hates! OK, first things first. Blackheads are simply caused by a plug/blockage formed in the pilo-sebaceous unit (or follicle). So the only thing that can help this is making sure you are always clearing out these blockages and then making sure your skin received proper hydration. So making sure you use a regular enzymatic exfoliator at home (I recommend Cathepzyme by Lamelle, it’s a great product). You should also, on a monthly basis, go for a good deep cleansing treatment. At our Skin Renewal Branches, we can do something called and extractin peel facial which will include a mild chemical exfoliation which is REALLY great for this problem. Then make sure you hydrate the skin well. This can be achieved using a good, active product with hydrating active ingredients. If you prefer serums, then I can highly recommend either the Lamelle HA serum, or Skin Ceutical Hydrating B5. If you prefer a moisturiser, then Sheer Hydratin by Neostrata is a great product.

Now for the pigmentation issue… The truth is, when it comes to spots and pigmentation, you are unfortunately in a position where you have to be extremely diligent about managing your skin every day! You need to understand that this is a condition that you have to manage on an on-going basis. So, your treatment plan has got to include: 1) A daily pigment inhibiting product which slows down your skin’s ability to make more pigment than what you are already battling with. 2) A product that will help you to increase your skin’s cell turn over so as to help you shed the skin cells that have already been pigmented (The Cathepzyme which I recommended for you black head problem will take care of this). 3) A very good broad spectrum SPF product. If the problem is really severe, then you may have to also consider having a few treatments to help you deal with the pigmentation that you have already (if the pigmentation is too deep to treat with topicals, you unfortunately have no option but to do some treatments). So product-wise, my suggestions include the following: 1) Lumixyl as your pigment inhibitor. 2) Cathepzyme, which will also help with the blackheads. 3) Skin Ceuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense. You can also, as an added but BRILLIANT bonus, add the Ovelle oral supplemts (made by Lamelle). Your treatments, should you choose to incorporate these, could include anything from some chemical peeling to laser therapy. You would have to visit one of our clinics so that we can have a good look at your skin, in order to determine what the very best route is for YOU.

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