Question: I Have Very Lifeless Hair. Its Thin And Dry And Grows Only Till My Shoulders. Which Is Best To Use Horse Shampoo Or Morroccan Argon Shampoo?

Hi I have very lifeless hair. Its thin and dry and grows only till my shoulder. It has been like this for the past two years. Majority of people have advised to use horse shampoo but there people selling the fake one and passing it of as real. So I did not buy it. Secondly alot of reviews that I have read on it over google showed very mixed reviews. Some people were pro horse shampoo and some were anti horse shampoo. I have now been advised that the morrocan Argon oil does wonders. Most salons don't keep the horse shampoo or the Moroccan argon and the new catalogue of the avon has the morrocan arogn shampoo and conditioner. Please advise which way to go as I really need my hair grow. Would really appreciate your help Thanks Regards


Hello Nasreen Well the first thing you should do is consider the fact that humans and horses do not have the same DNA which means we dont have the same hair. Horse shampoo does not work in maming your ahir grow as this factor is determnined by hormones as well as genetics. Argon oil is a great product to help nourish your hair and restore its vitality, but it’s not a hair growth product. Your beat bet would be to re evaluate the steps you take to care for your hair and you might even find the problem there. It could come from too much use of heated styling aids, shampooing too often, using the incorrect products and lastly your genetics. Some people unfortunately have fine limp hair written into their genes and in tha case the best you could do is to maintain your hair in a healthy way as best you can and try not to stress too much or it can make the problem worse.

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