Question: I Have Very Light And Thin Hair, And Like To Wear Weaves. Now My Hairline Is Badly Damaged. What Can I Use?

I have very light and thin hair, and like to wear weaves. Now my hairline is badly damaged. What can I use?


Hello Nomahlubi

Unfortunately this is a problem encountered by many people who continuously wear weaves. Where the problem arises, is where the braiding that the weave is attached to, is too tightly braided. This can put the hair around the hairline under duress from over stretching it, where in time you will begin to notice breakage and stress, which what you are currnetly experiencing. My recommendation is to allow your hair to be weave free for at least 2 months to allow the hairline to regrow. Shampoo you hair weekly with Dark and Lovcely 3 in 1 shampoo, followed by Dark and Lovely Anti Breakage Healing Treatment to reinforce the stregth of the hair. After a good two months, should you decide to have a weave put in, ensure that the braiding is not pulling or tight. Continue to shampoo and treat weekly. 

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