Question: I Have White Pigmentation On My Skin Due To Acne Scarring. Is There Any Non-invasive Treatment That Would Cure This?

I have white pigmentation on my skin due to acne scarring. Is there any non-invasive treatment that would cure this?


Thank-you so much for this enquiry. To be perfectly honest, it is quite difficult to treat areas where the skin’s pigment has been lost. There are limited options, but it is not completely impossible. There is no quick fix or “over the counter cream or lotion” that is going to be able to cure this. It’s quite difficult for me to give you a generic answer as I really need to have a look at you. If you still have visible scarring present, you may need a combination of treatments to try and improve the overall appearance of the hypo-pigmented areas. Are you close by to any of our Skin Renewal branches? I really would like to be able to give you the very best possible advice. As I said, try to “re-pigment” the skin is quite tricky and it is not always possible, so it’s really important that you get the very best advice and realistic treatment options and know what results you can expect from day one. Please have a look at our website;, and see if there is any chance you can get to one of our branches where one of our doctors can have a close look at your skin and let’s see what we can do for you. I really want to try and help you.

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