Question: I Hope I’m Asking The Right Question To The Right Person! I Have A ‘problem’ With Blackheads All Over My Nose And I Can’t Seem To Get Rid Of Them? Is There A Permanent Solution? Because I Have Used A Lot Of Different Products, And It Helps For A Short While, But If Seems As If My Skin Gets Use To The Products, So There Is No Real Change. Please Help!!

I hope I'm asking the right question to the right person! I have a 'problem' with blackheads all over my nose and I can't seem to get rid of them? Is there a permanent solution? Because I have used a lot of different products, and it helps for a short while, but if seems as if my skin gets use to the products, so there is no real change. Please help!!


The unfortunate fact is that this isn’t a problem you can quickly solve with products. You need to be on the right, active products and you need to consider having some treatments as well. You may want to consider the option of just a monthly, deep cleansing facial with a chemical peel and some laser therapy. I would also suggest you get onto the Ovelle and Acnevelle supplements made by Lamelle. Then we need to look at getting you onto active, products that are going to give you the results you need. For this, we need to know how the rest of your skin looks and if there are any other conditions we need to consider when prescribing your home care regime. You may want to consider using Lamelle’s Clarity range and ALWAYS make sure that you are applying a sunblock every single day!

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