Question: I Just Bought A Product From Dr.Hauschka And I Am Totally Amazed By The Results. I Believe I Will Be Using More From Their Range. One Thing Though, Dr.Hauschka Skincare Does Not Believe In Using A Night Cream. Is This Recommended Or Just Another ‘holistic Approach’ Without Concrete Foundation?

I just bought a product from Dr.Hauschka and I am totally amazed by the results. I believe I will be using more from their range. One thing though, Dr.Hauschka skincare does not believe in using a night cream. Is this recommended or just another 'holistic approach' without concrete foundation?


To be perfectly honest with you… this is a much debated point amongst skin care professionals (Dr’s and therapists etc). I honestly cannot speak for Dr Hauschka, but in my personal opinion, I believe using cosmeceutical active ingredients at night is essential. Many of the very best active ingredients for the skin cannot be applied during the day, because the combination of their activity and exposure to daylight would be a bit too much for the skin, so we specifically apply them at night with unbelievably good results. So I’m a firm believer in using actives night products.

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