Question: I Just Read Your Article About Chemical Peels, But I Have Way Different Skin. It’s Combination, Have A Little Bit Of Acne And Also Small Acne Scarring. Could I Also Benefit From A Chemical Peel?

I just read your article about chemical peels, but I have way different skin. It's combination, have a little bit of acne and also small acne scarring. Could I also benefit from a chemical peel?


What a great question! Thanks so much for asking. There are SO many peels on the market and so many amazing peel ingredients that we’ve been able to put together combination peels for just about any condition. The trick is to make sure that the correct peel is selected to suit the condition on the skin, as peels are definitely NOT “one size fits all” kind of treatments. You would most certainly benefit from a peel, and there are some great options for you! Just to give you one example; in our Skin renewal branches we do a combination peel called “Azelan”. It has been specifically designed for the Acne-type skin with a combination of the acne-type lesions as well as the typical post-acne marks and pigmentation spots. It contains a combination of active ingredients (acids), specifically designed and combined to target these particular issues.

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