Question: I Really Don’t Want To Get Wrinkles! What Remedies Can I Use To Help Prevent Them?

I really don't want to get wrinkles! What remedies can I use to help prevent them?


Thank-you so much for your enquiry! I so often get enquiries on how to deal with issues that are already there! Very seldom I get people asking for preventative measures. While we cannot stop ourselves from getting older and aging, we certainly can do a lot to slow down the physical process and age gracefully, and looking pretty good! You need to start going for preventative Botox and even consider starting going for medical facials which include treatments like Laser Genesis and Carboxy Therapy. You also need to make sure you’re using products that stimulate and maintain a good rate of cell turn over. Neostrata has GREAT products for this! Also, you should really consider also incorporating things like monthly chemical peels. Get onto good products with quality active ingredients now already. Vitamin A, growth factors, anti-oxidants and skin stimulating peptides. Have a look at ranges like Skin Medica, Lamelle, Skin Ceuticals and Neostrata.

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