Question: I Recently Started Using Dermalogica And Could See A Difference In My Skin’s Texture Within 2 Weeks. Unfortunately I Get Breakouts Around My Mouth And Chin And Have Been On Tetralysal For 4 Months, It Cleared Up And I Stopped The Treatment Just To Re-start It Again. I Bought The Clearing Mattifier From Dermalogica And Want To Know If A Should Use It Alone Or Underneath My Daycream? Any Suggestion For The Treatment Of Middle-aged Acne?

I recently started using Dermalogica and could see a difference in my skin's texture within 2 weeks. Unfortunately I get breakouts around my mouth and chin and have been on Tetralysal for 4 months, it cleared up and I stopped the treatment just to re-start it again. I bought the Clearing mattifier from Dermalogica and want to know if a should use it alone or underneath my daycream? Any suggestion for the treatment of middle-aged acne?


Hi there. Thank you so much for your enquiry. While I am quite fond of Dermalogica and have many of my patients using this product, one thing that you’ve said concerns me a bit… You’ve asked for “any suggestions for middle-aged acne”. If you are battling with acne, you need to remember that this condition is linked to your hormones, so you have to treat this condition from inside and out. If you are happy with your Dermalogica products, and your skin is responding well to the range then there is no need to stop it and change, however, I would suggest you take it slowly in re-introducing your products if you’ve just been on a course of anti-biotics. I would suggest you start by just introducing your sunblock every day for about a week, before you start introducing an active day cream. (Your sunblock every day is VITAL!). Then just introduce your day cream every second day (do that for about a week), and then go ahead and step yourself up to every day. I suggest you do the same with your night cream. I would suggest until your skin has settled and started coping with all the actives that you use your clearing mattifier underneath a sunblock for now, until you feel your skin is back to normal. I’m also going to suggest that you consider taking an oral supplement for your skin to keep the breakouts under control. Lamelle makes a brilliant oral supplement called “Acnevelle”, and I would highly recommend you add this to your routine. If you need any more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

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