Question: I Still Have Acne In My Mid-thirties!

Hi Dr Allem I am 35 years old and I'm still prone to breakouts. I have a very oily T-Zone and although I have not 1 wrinkle (yes seriously), I have many indented scars and pigment marks caused by my breakouts, on my chin and along my jawline. What can I try to limit the oil production? I seldom use makeup as it always "oils off", and my pores are rather large on my nose and chin. I'm also a fulltime student now, so my budget is pretty tight... But I'm willing to start on a routine because I only use exfoliaters and face washes. Moisturisers make my face greasy and itchy. I hope you can assist!


Thank you for your enquiry. My recommendation is that you start getting the oil under control by taking the Lamelle Acnevelle tablets, and I would also suggest that you get yourself the Oil Control Gel from the Lamelle Clarity Range, to apply just to your T-Zone. Further than that, instead of using moisturisers for now… let’s just get that skin under control. So I would suggest you get yourself one of the Heliocare SPF gels to wear every day as sun protection is VERY important in your case. The Heliocare products also have great moisturising properties and ingredients in them which will not make your skin more oily or greasy. I would suggest you stay with that routine for about two months until the products have started sorting out your skin, then we can have a look at “phase 2”. Then we can look at your scarring and any other concerns you may have, and we can then look at introducing active ingredients and serums for you if you wish to do so? But for now, SPF is vital, and you should continue cleansing (morning and evening), and exfoliating (twice a week), as you have been doing and then put on your active control every morning, and your Heliocare sunblock on top every morning, ad take your Acnevelle tablets every day.

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