Question: I Struggle To Find A Foundation That Matches My Skin Colour Precisely. You Can Always See I’m Wearing Foundation And I’m Looking For That “all Natural-blend In” Look. It’s Always Either Too Organge Or Too White. I’ve Tried Various Brands And Shades. Can You Help With A Recommendation Or Tips?

I struggle to find a foundation that matches my skin colour precisely. You can always see I'm wearing foundation and I'm looking for that "all natural-blend in" look. It's always either too organge or too white. I've tried various brands and shades. Can you help with a recommendation or tips?


Hi Sonia

When purchasing a foundation there are so many options and brands that one can become quite overwhelmed. I suggest that you go to the various make-up counters to obtain free samples of the colour foundations closest to your skin tone. Or if you like have them test the foundation on you to find a match. If you can see it after a while then it’s not the colour for you. 

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