Question: I Suffer From Eczema And My Skin Is Dry Resulting In Sensitive Skin. I’m Looking For A Moisteriser With A Strong Enough SPF Yet Gentle On My Skin. Any Recommendations? I’m 34 So Maybe An Anti-ageing But It Should Also Be Easy On The Pocket.

I suffer from eczema and my skin is dry resulting in sensitive skin. I'm looking for a moisteriser with a strong enough SPF yet gentle on my skin. Any recommendations? I'm 34 so maybe an anti-ageing but it should also be easy on the pocket.


Hi there. Thank-you so much for your enquiry. To be perfectly honest with you, I personally do not feel that applying moisturiser that contain high SPF’s is a good idea. My reasons for saying this is, firstly, that there are many SPF ingredients that are found in the products on the shelves today that have sensitising properties. So sadly, some SPF’s can cause sensitivity, which is why I only recommend specific products that I know. I’m sure there are many excellent SPF products out there, but I’ve specifically chosen to stick to what I’m 100% confident in recommending. Secondly, if you put your actives and your SPF into one product (I’m not talking about the low SPF’s, I’m talking about the “all in one” kinds of products), you compromise the effects of your actives. Actives are generally small, easily penetrable ingredients, that are supposed to absorb easily, whereas SPF’s are large and they are supposed to remain in the superficial part of the skin because that is where they best protect you from the sun. If you try to put the 2 in one product, you are going to intereferre with the absorption ability of the actives. So my advice to you, especially with budget constraints, is that you use a good, active moisturiser that can be applied day and night, and then a good broad spectrum SPF that you can apply over your moisturiser during the day. Make sure that the moisturiser you choose contains the actives that will help you with your dry, sensitive skin. You may have to look at using something from time to time to help with the eczema, but make sure you are using something that is going to give you the very best possible result for your condition within your budget. My suggestion, is get yourself he Nourish Revitalize Cream (by Lamelle) and a good SPF.

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