Question: I Suffer From White Bumps Beneath My Skin Around My Chin And Lips, Sometimes Even Almost On My Lip Line, They Aren’t That Noticeable Unless I Press My Tongue Against The Inside Of My Lips And Chin. They Just Annoying Me Because I Know They There. They Don’t Come To A Head And Never Want To Go Away. How Can I Fix This?

I suffer from white bumps beneath my skin around my chin and lips, sometimes even almost on my lip line, they aren't that noticeable unless I press my tongue against the inside of my lips and chin. They just annoying me because I know they there. They don't come to a head and never want to go away. How can I fix this?


Thanks so much for your enquiry. From what you are describing to me, it sounds as if you are suffering a bit with an imbalance between your skin’s cellular turnover, and the secretiion of your sebaceous glands, a term which is sometimes referred to as skin asphyxia. So my question to you would be: what are you using on your skin at home? This condition is often seen in people who like using foamy cleansers and then try to apply very nourishing moisturisers. It’s also seen in people who skins have started slowing down its cellular turnover and nothing is being done to try and speed this up again.

There are other things that can also put you into this predicament, such as hormone fluctuatons, if you smoke, if you are regularly exposed to the sun without adequate sun protection.

My advice is to get yourself on to the correct home care routine. Ensure you are using exfoliating enzymes as part of your routine. NEVER leave your home without a broad spectrum sunblock on – at least SPF 30. You may also want to consider getting a medical aesthetics therapist or doctor to have a look at your skin, to get you onto the correct cleanser and moisturiser. If you can balance that out, you will find that your problem will slowly start to resolve.

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