Question: I Think I Am A Fritzpatrick Skin Type 3. I Do Have Sensitive Skin And Seem To Get A Lot Of ‘whiteheads’ Under My Skin. Any Recommendations You Can Make Would Be Appreciated. Also I Have Vertical Lines On My Upper Lip… Any Suggestions?

I think I am a Fritzpatrick Skin Type 3. I do have sensitive skin and seem to get a lot of 'whiteheads' under my skin. Any recommendations you can make would be appreciated. Also I have vertical lines on my upper lip... Any suggestions?


It sounds to me like you need to do something to speed up your cell turn-over and do some mild ‘re-surfacing’ on your skin to get rid of those blockages and to start stimulating your skin’s functions.

Normally I would say that you should use a range with some AHA’s (alpha hydroxyl acids) in it, but since you are sensitive, I would suggest and active range containing more PHA’s (Polyhydroxy acids), as these are more easily tolerated by the skin. I would definitely look at a range like Neostrata. If lines are bothering you, I would also include a growth factor serum in my skin care regime. Try have a look at the growth factor serums by Lamelle and Skin Medica. It would also be a very good idea for you to go and have a facial treatment at least once a month, where you can be treated with active ingredients and treatments that will boost your skin and assist you in achieving the results you need.

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