Question: I Use Clinique Products And Have Been Told They Are Very Harmful. My Skin Looks Great, But I’m Worried That I May Be Doing Long Term Damage.

I use Clinique products and have been told they are very harmful. My skin looks great, but I'm worried that I may be doing long term damage.


If ever you are worried about whether your products are doing you any harm, do yourself a favour and research what is in your products. If you look at your ingredient listings on the side of the box, pick the top 6 ingredients and go and Google them and their effects and what they are supposed to do for the skin. The second thing that I would say is monitor your skin. Are you happy with the results that you are seeing from the products you use, or not? Are you even using the right products for your skin concerns? If you are happy with your skin and the way it looks and you feel you are getting great results with your products, then that’s great. But the minute you feel you’re not happy and your skin is ‘telling you’ that something is wrong, for example you are constantly dry or dehydrated or you keep getting blemishes or you keep getting pigmentation marks… then you need to consider a change.

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