Question: I Was Always Light In Complexion In My Teens And Twenties But Have Since Lost That Complexion. My Face Is Darker Now Overall- Not Just In Some Parts. I Do Not Take Alcohol- Do Not Smoke And Eat Pretty Healthy. I Go To Gym And Do My Annual Check Ups. Thanking You In Advance,Dr Maureen :)

I was always light in complexion in my teens and twenties but have since lost that complexion. My face is darker now overall- not just in some parts. I do not take alcohol- do not smoke and eat pretty healthy. I go to gym and do my annual check ups. Thanking you in advance,Dr Maureen :)


It is unfortunate that as we get older, our skins need a lot more work than when we were in our teens and twenties. There are a few things, in my opinion that are absolutely not negotiable when it comes to taking care of your skin. EVERYONE should be wearing a good, broad spectrum SPF every single day. You should also be using a strong anti-oxidant serum or moisturiser every day (under your sunblock). At night I highly recommend the use of retinol/Vitamin A and/or growth factors. You also need to remember that when we reach our 30’s the skin’s functions and ability to regenerate itself quickly starts to slow down quite dramatically, so it is advisable to go for a good deep cleansing treatment with a good exfoliation at least once a month to encourage the skin to remain active, and encourage cell turnover. It’s also advisable to use a good enzyme exfoliator at home at least once a week to encourage that skin to keep making healthy, new cells. In the case of having darkening or pigmentation, there are other product that you can consider. The retinol will certainly help with this, but it does take quite some time before you will visibly see the effects of your retinol products (so you do need to be patient). Other options are available (specialised products and serums, specifically formulated for pigmentation), and these will assist you in getting the skin’s colour even and brightened. It is a bit difficult for me to give you specific products, without having a good look at you. If I had to suggest a range for you that would give you most of the aspects I’ve mentioned, I would recommend the Lamelle Luminesce range. It is available in all Skin Renewal Branches. Please do contact me again should you need any more assistance.

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