Question: I Was Just Reading Your Reply To My ‘how Not To Look Whitewashed In Pictures’ Query. Thank You For The Tips. True That I Often Skip The Bronzer Part. I Have Acne Scars On My Cheeks (more Grooves Than Actual Scars) And Blush Or Bronzers Often Accentuate Those Imperfections. I Tried Hundreds Of Foundations And Recently Bought The Coverderm Perfect Face Which Does Offer Coverage But Is Much Too Greasy. Which Product And/or Brand Would You Recommend I Try?

I was just reading your reply to my 'how not to look whitewashed in pictures' query. Thank you for the tips. True that I often skip the bronzer part. I have acne scars on my cheeks (more grooves than actual scars) and blush or bronzers often accentuate those imperfections. I tried hundreds of foundations and recently bought the Coverderm Perfect Face which does offer coverage but is much too greasy. Which product and/or brand would you recommend I try?


Hi Clara

I would recommend a concealer first, over the acne marks, and then try a foundation. You might want to try a mousse, cream or powder foundation. I won’t often recommend it because it is not my favourite type of foundation, but in this case I think it will be the most helpful in covering the marks without being oily. The thickness of the foundation will also act as a "filler" for the "grooves", whereas a liquid foundation would run over the marks and not fill them in.

Good luck!

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