Question: I Would Like To Know What Kind Of Skin Whitening Body Lotions Would Work Well For My Skin? Are There Any Safe Products In The Market (South Africa) Which I Can Use? I Have Dark Coloured Skin.

I would like to know what kind of skin whitening body lotions would work well for my skin? Are there any safe products in the market (South Africa) which I can use? I have dark coloured skin.


Thanks so much for your enquiry. It’s a bit difficult for me to give you the best advice with so little information. How big are the pigmented areas that are concerning you, and how dark are they? Is it one or two small patches or is there a lot of pigmentation all over? I would say the safest advice I can give without actually having seen you, is to try the new Elure Range which has recently been launched at the Skin Renewal Branches country wide.

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  1. I am a light skin black girl. My problem is that my hands, knees, feet, elbows, armpits are black and I just want my skin to be even all over not this colour blocking that is going on right now. Which is the safest NOT EXPENSIVE lotion or cream can I use. Thank you.

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