Question: If Steaming Your Skin Help With Getting Rid Of Acne And Black Spots

My skin has developed some acne and black spots, will it help if I steam my skin?


Thank-you for your question. Using a good enzymatic exfoliator while you’re in the shower is more than sufficient when it comes to steaming at home. As for black spots, this would indicate a problem with pigmentation. Again, using a good enzymatic exfoliating product at home will help with this, but it is vital to use a product or serum that will supress the pigment so that the spots stop forming and it is very important to wear a good facial sunblock every single day to stop the trigger that causes the pigmentation in the first place. I would suggest a combination of the following products (in addition to whatever day or night moisturiser you are using). You would need to use your enzymes at least twice a week (Cathepzyme from Lamelle is a good choice). Sun protection is vital, I highly reccommend Heliocare. A good product for suppressing pigmentation is Lumixyl or Brighter Concentrate. If you would like to know more about these, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail or visit your nearest Skin Renewal Branch.

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