Question: I’m 38 and still get pimples, help!

Hi, I am 38 years old, have two children and still get pimples. They are not the tiny ones, but the ones with pus in them. I don't always eat healthy but do eat junk sometimes. I have oily skin and lots of blemish marks and scars. I currently use only a face wash and an anti pimple cream. Can you suggest a proper regimen with examples of what I can use at each step.


There are a few things that you need to investigate when it comes to your skin. Firstly are the breakouts being caused by hormonal influences in your body? OR Are they being caused because the skin care products you are currently using are completely wrong for your particular skin? When it comes to acne and acne-type skin, my recommendation of choice is the Clarity Range from Lamelle. This range really does give you excellent results when it comes to controlling acne and breakouts. Should the trigger for your problem be something internal, we need to investigate exactly what that trigger is (check out

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