Question: Is it a good idea to have my hair ‘under wraps’ throughout winter?

Hi Phepa Winter is coming up and it reaks havoc on a black girl's hair. And my hair is particularly dry and very in autumn/winter, I prefer to relax it and then braid it or put in a weave to help protect from further drying out and breakage throughout the winter months. Any advice please on products to use during this time? And is it a good idea to have my hair 'under wraps' throughout winter?


If you put your hair under wraps use a silk scarf so that the hair does not have breakage. It is okay to relax and braid hair for winter if this gives you better control but remember that is is very important to retain moisture. A product that works as a cream is highly recommend. Shampoo your hair at least once a week and make sure that you condition it every time. Don’t forget that if you dry your hair that you would need to use a heat protecting cream. Don’t use styling tools that are too hot. So your routine would be shampoo condition/masque.

Styling Cream not a mousse as this has alcohol and makes the hair to dry.



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