Question: Is It Okay For Me To Use Anti-ageing Skin Products? I Am 25, Going On 26. I Was Once Told Anti-ageing Products Should Not Be Used Too Early Because It Contains Collagen, And If You Use Skin Products That Contain Collagen, Then Your Skin Will Start Producing Less Collagen Eventually.

Is it okay for me to use anti-ageing skin products? I am 25, going on 26. I was once told anti-ageing products should not be used too early because it contains collagen, and if you use skin products that contain collagen, then your skin will start producing less collagen eventually.


Thank you so much for your question, and I’m so pleased you asked this. I’m very happy to tell you that this is a complete “old wives tale”. You can absolutely start using anti-aging products as from age 25 if your skin has started ageing pre-maturely, you can start using the appropriate anti-ageing products regardless of your age. Some people look 40 at age 20… some people look 18 at age 25… so it really depends on the age of your SKIN, and not your chronological age. Collagen is a HUGE ingredient. Even if a product says it contains collagen, there is NO WAY that collagen will be able to penetrate to the living layer of your skin, so it will not affect your skin’s ability to produce its own collagen. Make sure, before you choose your products that you have had a skin analysis with a qualified therapist at a reputable clinic who is going to have your best interests at heart and give you solid advice with good product recommendations. If you have any further questions or need assistance with a good analysis and good product recommendations, please go ahead and contact any one of our Skin Renewal Branches, and we will be very happy to assist you.

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