Question: Is It Really Neccesary To Use Toner? Because All The Ones I’ve Tried Have Really Burned My Skin!!

Is it really neccesary to use toner? Because all the ones I've tried have really burned my skin!!


Thanks so much for your question. The answer is no, it is not vital that you use a toner on a daily basis. What I WILL say is this, there are some product houses that have specific active ingredients in their toners that work together with their serums etc, and in those cases, yes, it is a good idea to use the toner. Some of the toners are an active part of the efficacy of those products, for example, Nimue’s “toner” (Conditioner), is a very active product which constitutes the resurfacing function of the homecare regime, and in their case, using it is really important. But in general, no, you do not HAVE TO use a toner. Also, many toners on the market contain high amounts of alcohol and these can be quite sensitizing, and in those cases, I would advise against the use of a toner.

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