Question: Is it safe to colour my hair if i’m trying to keep it natural?

Hi Brian, I've stopped relaxing my hair since May last year, 16 months ago. I am trying to stay natural which is a difficult task but I am trying. My question is, is it safe to colour my hair I've got lots of grey in the front but I'm scared it may cause damage if I do colour the grey. My hair did break after my baby was born. Thank you!


If you just want to cover the grey to match your natural colour then you would use a very dark brown or a black permanent tint, depending on your preference. These shades do minimal damage as they would be used with a 10 volume developer, which only deposits colour and doesn’t really lift. This method will last longer but you will get visible growth within 2-3 weeks. The alternative is to use a colour shampoo, also known as a demi-permanent colour. This won’t damage your hair but it will fade with each wash and may or may not cover the grey as effectively as a permanent tint.

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