Question: Is It True That Sugar Causes Skin To Age By Breaking Down Collagen Etc, Especially After The Age Of 35? So Would Eating A Diet High In Sugar Cause Your Skin To Age Quicker Regardless Of Wearing Sunscreen And Having A Good Skin Care Regime?

Is it true that sugar causes skin to age by breaking down collagen etc, especially after the age of 35? So would eating a diet high in sugar cause your skin to age quicker regardless of wearing sunscreen and having a good skin care regime?


What an exceptionally interesting question! Thank-you so much for asking this. I’ll be honest, in my opinion, everything you eat reflects in the skin. Poor nutrition on the inside often manifests as poor skin. Sugar in my opinion, is really bad for you. There are just so many down sides to eating high quantities of sugar and the information is really just a click away if you want to read up on the many, many side effects of a diet high in sugars. So to answer your question, yes, certainly, consuming a lot of sugar is going to show in the skin and result in premature ageing.

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