Question: Is There A Limit To How Much Botox You Can Inject Into Your Body?

Is there a limit to how much Botox you can inject into your body?


Thank-you for your question… I’m not sure that I completely understand exactly what you’re asking, as Botox is not really injected in to the body very often. We certainly don’t inject Botox into the blood stream. The Botox is injected directly into superficial facial muscles. So the Botox certainly does not go travelling all around your body in the blood stream. The most common use of Botox is obviously aesthetic, so to relax muscles in the face that are causing frown lines. It is also used from time to time to relax the muscles in our face that cause us to tense and tighten the jaw, causing teeth grinding while we sleep, or sometimes it’s even injected into the muscles along the neck and scalp that cause tension headaches and migraines. We also use it to inject into areas where keloid scars have been cut out, to prevent those areas from contracting, and forming more scars. So it certainly is not as if you WANT Botox everywhere, it is always injected into a localised area. Also remember that we have to inject MORE Botox into male patients than females as their muscles are so much stronger in the face than ladies. So for example, injecting a full forehead where there are those tight contracted lines crossing over the forehead can require anything from 20 – 60 units, depending on the severity of the problem area. The average patient comes in and has approximately 40 units and these could be spread, for example, between the lines in between the brows and some lines around the eyes. So to answer your question, of course you don’t want Botox all over, and no experienced aesthetic doctor is going to inject any more Botox than is absolutely needed for each problem area, and of course these injections are localised.

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