Question: Is there any way to stop hair falling out?

Hi Shelene, is there any way to stop hair falling out? I'm always shedding, I leave my DNA where ever I go, which at times can be embarrassing. Used different products, nothing has made a difference, short of just cutting the whole thing off. HELP.


That’s a tricky question because it really depends on why your hair is falling out. You don’t mention if you have any chemical treatments done to your hair on a regular basis like colour, relaxers or perms. If you do then you have to be careful of things like overlapping with relaxers and perms because they break the bonds in the hair to give it a new shape. If you overlap during your retouches the bonds in the hair that has already been processed will weaken even more resulting in breakage. Colour can weaken the hair particularly if you are going from dark to very light. Using a de-colourizer (bleach) can cause the hair to become over-porous as it gets older. This will lead to dryness, split ends and eventually breakage. If you are receiving any of these services regularly then you need to understand that chemicals affect the protein in the hair and this needs to be replaced by the use of protein treatments to strengthen the hair, followed by a moisturising conditioner to give the hair flexibility.

Do you have any medical conditions or are you on any chronic medication that affects the blood like high blood pressure or heart medication? You must understand that the hair receives it’s nutrients from the blood stream. If there is something in the blood that impacts these nutrients then the hair will not be well fed and can suffer a form of malnutrition. This will weaken the hair and can cause breakage. Alternatively there may be something in the medications that is being fed into the bloodstream that is having an adverse effect on the hair, causing it to fall out. In this situation you need to consult with your doctor to find out exactly what the effects of the medication are on your hair and find out if there is anything that can be done to counteract these effects or if perhaps he can change your medication to one that doesn’t have the same side effect.

Hair can also fall due to stress at home or at work. This is a common problem that requires a lifestyle change more than anything. Stress causes the adrenal gland to kick in and flood your system with adrenaline. Adrenaline is meant to be used by the body for short periods of time. Constant stress means that adrenaline is coursing through your body constantly and this will have an adverse effect on your bodily systems as well as your hair. I would suggest finding ways to reduce your stress without medication as these can have their own side effects. Exercise, meditation, breathing exercises and yoga are all ways to reduce your stress levels. Learn to disconnect and leave your work at work when you get home so your mind and body can get the rest they need to allow you to function properly.

Then there is diet; do you eat properly and take supplements? As I mentioned before, the hair is fed by the blood stream, which gets it’s nutrients from the foods we eat. If you have a poor diet you will have no nutrients to feed your hair with and your hair will show it. If you’re dieting or a vegan this will also affect your hair. Try and eat balanced meals with vegetables, proteins and starches but not too much of any one of them. Regulate your meals so as not to over-eat. You will find that your overall health will improve as well as the health of your hair.

You mention that you have tried different products, are they products for hair growth or treatments for strength? The products we use are very important as they need to address our hairs’ situation and texture. If your hair is chemically treated then we need protein treatments. If it’s natural and coarse then it will need more moisture rather than protein. You must have your hair assessed by a professional hairstylist so they can make you aware of your hairs’ situation and type and prescribe the correct shampoo, conditioner and treatment that are best suited for you.

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