Question: Is There Such A Thing As A Good Anti-ageing Product?

Is there such a thing as a good anti-ageing product?


There are many really great anti-ageing products out there. The trick is really to choose the right one for YOUR specific skin type. The only way to do that is to figure out what exactly YOUR skin needs. It doesn’t help prescribing an anti-ageing serum or cream or range that doesn’t target your specific needs and treat the causes of your problem… and believe me there is ageing, and then there’s ageing, so it’s not as simple as, “I’m getting old”. Some skins need higher concentrations of anti-oxidants, some skins needs resurfacing, some skins need the introduction of growth factors, some skins need a bit more medical intervention and treatments need to be prescribed, some skins need “all of the above”. So in answer to your question, YES, there are great anti-ageing products and ingredients out there, it’s just that you need to be on the right one for YOU. In my practises we have fantastic ranges such as Skin Medica, Lamelle, Neostrata, Nimue, and coming soon, Skin Ceuticals.

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