Question: I’ve Heard That Skin Peels For Dark Skin Tones Can Actually Worsen Rather Than Help Solve Scars And Blemishes. Is This True? What Other Types Of Solutions Are There For Acne Scarring/blemishes?

I've heard that skin peels for dark skin tones can actually worsen rather than help solve scars and blemishes. Is this true? What other types of solutions are there for acne scarring/blemishes?


What you have heard is true up to a point… Peels for the condition you are prescribing are excellent, PROVIDED the correct peel has been prescribed, that it has been applied and used according to the correct treatment protocols, AND very importantly that the patient is given the correct homecare instructions. If all three those factors are in place then you should have absolutely no problem, in fact you should be getting great results. The problem is that there are just too many treatment centres that, perhaps even accidentally, make the mistake of not remembering to fulfil all of those criteria when it comes to treating dark skin. There are amazing treatments and products out there for acne, blemishes and scarring, peels being one of them, but also various forms of laser therapy, Carboxy Therapy, and then of course the various active products that are now available to us. Why don’t you think about having a consult at one of our Skin Renewal Branches and let us do our best to help you?

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