Question: I’ve Noticed That The Skin On My Hands Is Really Starting To Show My Age…(which My Face Does Not!) What Do I Do? Any Well-priced Recommendations For Creams Or Treatments?

I've noticed that the skin on my hands is really starting to show my age...(which my face does not!) What do I do? Any well-priced recommendations for creams or treatments?


This is quite a common problem amongst many ladies. Often we suddenly realise that our hands have aged and we’ve taken better care of the face than the hands. There are various things we can do to help you. It really depends on how severe the problem is and what we can see presenting on your hands. We do wonderful hand rejuvenation packages at Skin Reneal which can nclude anything from peels to laser to carboxy therapy… it really depends on what your hands need. I would suggest you consider coming to us for a consult and we can tailor make a package that best suits your specific needs. As far as your home care goes, this is very important. At the VERY least you should be applying a good quality broad spectrum sunblock every day come rain or shine! I can highly recommend Heliocare. I would also suggest you get yourself a good Vitamin A product to apply on your hands at night, and depending on how your hands look, we may have to include the use of a growth factor product such as Dermaheal. It’s a bit difficult to give you “generic advuce” like this if I haven’t seen your hands, but definitely I would say get a good sunblock for daily use, a good exfoliator for weekly use and a good, active Vitamin A product to apply at night (something like The Skin Ceuticals Retinol 0,3 or Skin Medica Retinol serum or even Lamelle’s Evening Glow cream). Please let me know if I can offer you any more assistance.

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