Question: Lightening The Complexion

Hi, Can u suggest me a good and effective treatment for a fair and healthy skin as i have a dark complexion and i want to become fair. Moreover i would like to inform you that i am not dark by birth. I was born fair but due to the attack of measles thrice within two months, my skin tone has become dark and till now i have not found any effective way to become fair.


In your case, I would very much rather have a look at you so that I can physically see what you are dealing with. We are most likely going to have to combine the use of medical products and some treatments on you to help you get back to as close as possible to your original skin tone. Simply putting on a product or a cream is not really going to get you all the way there. In the meantime, you need to get yourself into the habit of wearing a good facial sunblock every single day to start slowing down the skin’s natural reaction of darkening when you go out every day. You also need to limit your sun exposure as much as possible. We may find that the solution is as simple as prescribing the correct products and doing some mild resurfacing treatments. Are you close to any Skin Renewal Brabches so that we can take a look at you and help you? Please find us at, we have branches in the Cape, Jhb and Pretoria.

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