Question: Manicure Equipment

Maureen, I went for a manicure ONCE, after that I had fungi under some of my nails. It spread from the one little finger. Not knowing what was happening a few of my fingers was affected before I got to the doctor. Wanting to go for manicures would like to know what your company do to sterilise equipment?


Oh my goodness! This very definately sounds like a case of cross contamination from dirty equipment. We have very strict cleaning protocols that have to be followed for our various machines and equipment. As far as possible with out manicures and pedicures we use disposable implements so that they are not used again on patients. The equipment that does get re-used is placed in a kidney bowl and removed from the treatment room after the patient has been there, the equipment is scrubbed down with the approprate sterilant for the material being cleaned. Some implements are placed in UV cabinets (metals mostly), and/or wiped down and wrapped in 70% medical alcohol to keep them sanitised. Our cleaning protocols are very specific and very throrough for each piece of equipment and this is something on which we really pride ourselves. Our patients’ safety is very important.

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