Melasm And Hyperpigmentation

My dermatologist prescribed Lycoderm lotion in the morning and Hydroquinone 5% in the evening for my hyperpigmentation. How do I go about applying these products?


Thank you for your question. It is always a good idea to clarify this kind of information, especially when it comes to using HQ. So in the morning, you will need to cleanse, then apply your Lycoderm (as that is the active that the dermatologist has prescribed for you). You are then welcome to put a moisturiser and sunblock on top of your active products, and it will not give you any hassles. You asked for a sunblock reccommendation: Heliocare Gel SPF 50 is definately a WINNER in my book! Then lastly for the use of your Hydroquinone, when I prescribe this product, it is with GREAT caution! I tell my patients to apply it ONLY to the pigmented area on the skin. So I should not require a lot of product, as long as the pigmented area is covered (amount of product will obviously depend on the size of the pigmented area). If it is a very small area, I even suggest applying it with a cotton bud. Try not to get it on to the "normal skin." You MUST cleanse it off in the morning!

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