Question: Michelle van den Bos

Hey! My dermatologist told me to go on antibiotics for my skin but I’m worried that I’ll just break out as soon as I stop taking them, and I don’t wan to be on them forever. Is that true and what can I do? I don’t have loads of money for different treatments.


Hi there. There is always that risk that the acne might come back, as the antibiotics is not really treating the cause of the problem. Breakouts can be cause by a various factors including hormones, gut inflammation, incorrect products, a disrupted skin barrier, just to name a few. Before you start spending money on treatments and products, I would suggest that you find out what is causing the breakouts to begin with. You can visit Health Renewal to get a comprehensive screening done to establish the cause and then treatments will be offered from there. Please visit to get more information and to find a branch closest to you.
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