Question: Milia

Something I've been doing has been causing milia over the last few months (small white, raised dots) on my face (particularly my cheeks and eyelids), which is why I think it is product-related. Which make-up products could be causing this? Then, are there any productsI should avoid to minimise them?


Hi there. I’m so sorry you’re having this issue. It’s quite commonly caused by eyeshadows or powders that cause blockages in the skin. Also quite often occurs when people don’t remove their eye make up properly. Sometimes it can even be that a lotion or cream you’re applying to your skin doesn’t quite agree with you and just causes very, very minor inflammation… This inflmmation causes the openings of the pores in the skin to become swollen shut. This in turn causes the blockage and results in the milia. It’s best treated by making sure you’re using the right products for your skin, and by making sure you’re properly encouraging that skin to exfoliate and turn over properly so that you also dont have to contend with the build-up of a lot of dead skin which also causes blockages. I suggest using a good exfoliating enzyme product ona weekly basis, something like Lamelle’s Cathepzyme. Then just work through your products and cosmetics one by one to see what could be giving you the trouble.

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