Question: Mimi Harper

Hiya! I keep hearing that sunblock is essential but is it really? I have fairly pale skin that tans but not burns easily. Can you recommend one that isn’t going to make me break out and one that won’t disrupt my makeup, please?


Hi there. Yes, sunblock is absolutely essential and needs to be used every day, even when it is raining. Prolonged expose to UV rays does not only decrease the collagen in your skin, but also destroy the DNA in the cells, it also depletes your skin’s anti-oxidants as well as your skin’s immune ability.

With this said, it is vital to protect your skin on a daily basis. I would recommend that you use Heliocare SPF 50. This sunblock will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, and also contain anti-oxidants to fight the damage that has already been caused. Please visit to get more info on the recommended sunblock.

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