Question: Muffin Top Woes?

What is the best exercise to combat this problem?


The bad news is there are no quick fixes when you want to target a specific body part. You need to be fit all over before you see results where you want them. For faster results, skip steady-state cardio and opt for interval training – incorporating bursts of 1 minute sprints will get you fitter and leaner faster. Strength training is essential – at least 3 sessions a week. With each exercise, aim for 3 sets of 8-12 reps, where it as an effort to complete the final set. Finally, here is a great move specifically aimed at shaving down that muffin top:

Sit on the floor and hold any moderately sized ball, single weight, or heavy house-hold item in your hands.
Keeping your back rounded and knees bent up at 90 degrees, lift your feet from the floor.
Then, move the ball from one side of your body to the other, swivelling your knees to the left and right as you do so. Always make sure your knees move in the opposite direction to the weight.
Keep your tummy tight and practise this move 30 times, then repeat twice if you can.

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