Question: My Mom And I Heard Good Reviews About Neutrogena And Thought I Should Change From Ponds And The Rooibos Products. I Do Have A Nice Skin , I Am More Or Less A Skin Type 4 , Not Quite Olive Skin. I Think More Important To You Is That I Have A Combination Skin.Not Very Oily Though, Get The Odd Spot But Not A Problem. What I Would Like To Know Is What To Buy In Terms Of Skincare Products? Thank You For Your Help. Rene

My mom and I heard good reviews about Neutrogena and thought I should change from Ponds and the Rooibos products. I do have a nice skin , I am more or less a skin type 4 , not quite olive skin. I think more important to you is that I have a combination skin.Not very oily though, get the odd spot but not a problem. What I would like to know is what to buy in terms of skincare products? Thank you for your help. Rene


Hi there Rene. Thanks so much for your enquiry. At the end of the day what you need to think about is the following: 1) What are your concerns? What is it that you would like to see, results-wise, on your skin? 2) What is your skin care budget per month? 3) Are you on any medications or do you have any other conditions that may have any effects on your skin? There are many great products out there, all with different active ingredients, all with different modes of action. The goal here is to find what the most appropriate combination of ingredients is for YOUR specific skin, and make sure that you are using something that works for YOU. The only way you are going to be able to get to the answers to those question, is to have a thorough skin analysis and skin consult. There’s no point in “just trying” one product after another, this wastes time and money, and will leave you dissatisfied with your results (or lack of results). So I would very highly recommend that you make an appointment with one of our therapists or doctors at one of our Skin Renewal Branches, so that your skin can be correctly analysed, and so that you get on to what is best for YOU from day one. If I had to give you very “generic” advice, it doesn’t sound to me like you really have any specific complaints, so it would seem that you are more interested in maintenance. In this case I can highly recommend the use of ranges that are high in anti-oxidants (such as Lamelle’s Nourish range or the Skin Ceuticals serums). You also have to make sure that you use an appropriate facial sun block every single day. This is vital!

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