Question: My Query Is A Bit Unusual. Within Last Three Years I Have Started To Get Small Pores On My Chest Area (also To The Side Of The Nose And On My Chin) That Seem Like Blackheads, But They Are Not (as A Teenager I Have Had Blackheads), Since It Is In Every Pore And They Are Lighter In Colour. Some Of Them Do Get A Bit Bigger And Darker Occasionally. I Have Been To Dermatologist, But She Didn’t Seem To Know Any Cure For That. I Would Like To Know If There Is A Cure?

My query is a bit unusual. Within last three years I have started to get small pores on my chest area (also to the side of the nose and on my chin) that seem like blackheads, but they are not (as a teenager I have had blackheads), since it is in every pore and they are lighter in colour. Some of them do get a bit bigger and darker occasionally. I have been to Dermatologist, but she didn't seem to know any cure for that. I would like to know if there is a cure?


Thank-you so much for your query. I must say it’s a bit difficult for me to formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan without seeing what you are describing in front of me. If I’m understanding what you are describing correctly, it sounds like you have a combination of very dehydrated skin, in conjunction with an impaired barrier and slowing cell turnover. This is quite commonly caused by the incorrect combination of homecare products. There are some things that you need to do as a rule at home anyway, and if you get this going, I’m quite sure you will see great improvement. You need to be using a suitable cleanser for your skin type and condition. Try to get away from using soapy, foamy cleansers as these tend to add to the cause of dehydration on the skin. You also need to use a weekly exfoliating enzyme to get the cell turnover to start speeding up again. Then you need to use a HA serum or a serum specifically designed for hydration to restore and repair the moisture levels in your skin. Then I would suggest a barrier repair cream or something to protect the skin’s barrier to stop further damage and dehydration. Lastly, please ensure that you ALWAYS use a sunblock (every single day). If you can stick to this, you should start seeing great results within 6 – 8 weeks, and the results will slowly continue improving as you carry on with this regime.

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