Question: My Skin Tone Is Uneven, My Cheeks Are Fair And My Forhead Has A Slight Tan, How Should I Even The Skin Tone?

My skin tone is uneven, my cheeks are fair and my forhead has a slight tan, how should I even the skin tone?


First things first… Are you wearing a broad spectrum SFP product on a daily basis? It is absolutely vital that you do this, not only for the benefit of protecting your skin from sun exposure and avoiding skin cancer, but also to ensure that your condition is not made any worse. You are going to have to start using a serum or cream that contains pigment lightening ingredients for your forehead. There are quite a few options I could recommend, but this would depend entirely on your preference (in terms of product feel and comfort etc), and your budget. Any of the following products would be great to start helping you lighten the area that has darkened: Lumixyl; Lamelle’s evening Glow; Skin Ceuticals Retinol 0.3; Nimues Night Fader or Skin Medica’s Tri-Retinol Complex. I would very much recommend the use of one of these products every night, and then every day (under your sunblock), I would suggest that you use a powerful anti-oxidant product for damage control and for preventing any additional stress on your skin. If you are also able to take a powerful skin supplement, this would be ideal. I would suggest something like the Ovelle Capsules made by Lamelle. You are welcome to contact any one of our Skin Renewal Branches if you have any difficulty in sourcing these products.

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