Question: My Skins Peels After Sunburn, What Can I Use?

My skins peels after sunburn, what can I use?


Thank-you very much for your enquiry. To be brutally honest, the very best advice I can give you is to do your best not get sunburnt in the first place. Use appropriate sun protection, and make sure you’re using topical and oral sun protection (such as the Heliocare Capsules). If you have had too much sun exposure, there is a great product called Nourish – Rescue Repair Gel. It is made by Lamelle and is available at all our Skin Renewal branches. Please be careful with getting sun burnt, your risk of all sorts of issues including pre-mature aging, hyper-pigmentation, skin cancers etc. just go way up if you’re not careful. Please get yourself good sun protection products and look after your skin and do your very best to prevent getting sun burned.

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