Question: Neck Breakouts

I seem to be prone to skin breakouts, not so much on my face but in my neck and jaw line area, and sometimes around my hair line? Any idea what can be causing this and how to get rid of it?


Thank-you so much for your question. You’re going to have a good laugh at my response, but in my experience, i’ve found the 4 most common causes for this type of break out to be one of the following things… 1) There is a hormonal imbalance causing the breakouts in this area and it would just mean getting onto some meds and then treating the skin with some topicals. 2) I’ve found that in people who lead very rushed very busy lives… they tend to rush in the shower and not wash their shampoo and conditioner out properly, the product is left on the neck and around the hairline… causing sensitivity and blockages in the skin, resulting in breakout. 3) The person sprays their deodorant around their neck, causing sensitivity and breakouts in the area, and finally 4) If you wear a uniform, or the same type of clothes every day with a high collar constantly causing friction around your neck, then this can also cause sensitivity leading to breakouts. Sometimes it’s even a combination of these.

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