Question: Nimue Products & Facials

Good day I am currently looking into changing my facial care range to Nimue. How do I know which products and or range is suitable for me and my skin type? Also there is so many different products in the range to pick from. How do I establish which ones is needed for me? I am 23years old. What products do you think will suit my age? Do I need eye cream yet? Etc Thank you!


Nimue is a brilliant range and I’m quite happy to reccommend it for skins in your "age range". If you don’t have any specific problems, like active acne or patches of pigmentation or anything like that, which needs specific care, then the Nimue range is actually quite simple. You would then stick to the Environmetal Range. So the yellow cleanser and the yellow conditioner. Then you would use one of the actives, and a moituriser (most likely Nimue Day). To get exactly the products you require, I would highly reccommend you first speak to a qualified Nimue therapist so that an analysis of your skin can be done to ebsure you are on the right products from day one! Remember this is a very active product so you dont really want to make "mistakes" with it, and you should expect your skin to go through some changes when you first go onto the products… all of which is a GOOD thing! All our therapists at Skin Renewal are qualified Nimue therapists and you are more than welcome to visit your nearest branch for assistance. As for your question on eye cream… if you see a problem around your eyes, then yes, it’s time for eye cream. If not, you can hold off a bit on that.

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