Question: Oily Skin With Horrible Marks

Hey, I have oily skin that becomes too dry when i wash it with products to get rid of blackheads. The creams that I use then clog my pores and I get a pimple. What is the best products to use for my skin to get rid of the marks and keep the pimples at bay?


Thank-you for your question. Very often, we find this kind of issue in 2 cases: 1) If the person is washing with a product that is far too harsh, and 2) If the person is suffering with a bit of an impaired skin barrier. In your case, it may be a bit of both… You need to look at possibly changing what you cleanse your skin with. In general, the more it foams, the harsher it is…. If i may also suggest that you, especially with your skin type and the fact that you are more than likely already sensitive… PLEASE use a very good facial sunblock. A skin type 5 with an impaired barrier and with sensitivity is a recipe for hyperpigmentation and dark marks… and once you have that problem, you are really not going to be happy. I highly reccommend Heliocare SPF 50 to all my patients. Or at least just find a very good high SPF products that is not going to sensitize you even further. I think if you make those 2 simple changes it will already make a huge difference. If after 4 weeks you are not seeing a big improvement, please send me another message, as we may need to dig deeper into what is in your moisturiser… but I’m quite confident that the changes i’ve suggested are going to help you!

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