Question: Oily

I notice that round about 12:00 in the afternoon my face starts looking VERY shiny. I use Avon's Complete Balance face products and use Revlon Colourstay Foundation. Any tips?


Thanks very much for your enquiry. If you are constantly having the same issue with your products not doing what you need them to do, there are one of 2 things you need to do; 1) Change your products to something more suitable; 2) If you are happy with your products, you could add a specialized product to just apply to the problem area. Most people find that they are oily on their forehead and nose (and sometimes the chin). If this is the case with you, I’d suggest you just add something active like Lamelle’s Active Control Gel that you would just apply over the areas that become oily and then use your normal moisturizer and make-up on top. Alternatively, you could just look at changing your foundation to something that is more absorbent, and this you would really have to find by trial and error, OR you could substitute the use of a conventional foundation, to rather using a tinted sunblock EG the new Heliocare tinted sunblocks are a really great option.

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