Question: Pigmentation

Hi there, for the past 5 years since my son's birth I have struggled with uneven skin tone and pigmentation marks (v format on my forehead and cheeks). is there an over the counter skincare regime (with added serums, etc in the same range) I could use to lighten the marks? I dont particularly like wearing too heavy foundations/concealers or other make-up to try and "hide"the marks. Thanks, Bronwyn


I’m going to be very honest with you from the start, and let you know that pigmentation is a very tough and often tricky problem to treat, especially when it is hormonal. Very few “over the counter” products are going to offer you significant results. It is VITAL that you protect your skin with a good sunblock every single day (I highly recommend Heliocare). You also need to make sure that you do the following: 1) Apply a pigmentation inhibiting product every day to prevent your skin from continuously producing that pigment (EG Lumixyl), 2) Make sure you are using a night cream that is high in Retinol (EG Skin Ceutical’s Retinol 0.3 serum; OR Lamelle’s Evening Glow Cream; Or Skin Medica’s Tri-Retinol Complex); 3) Ensure that your cleanser encourages cell turn over (EG Nimue’s Environmental Cleanser; OR Neostrata Glycolic Wash); 4) Everyday apply your sun protection! ALL these products are available from any Skin Renewal Branch. If you are not close enough to go to one of our branches please phone your nearest branch and we will help you get the products.

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